Textbook Tracker Hosting Options

Your data is precious. Protect it.

How many hours have you invested into creating and maintaining your textbook inventory? The number is likely in the thousands, if not tens of thousands, of hours. What would happen if you lost all that data?

Protecting your data is a huge responsibility, which is why we provide two options: Cloud and Self Hosting.

Cloud Hosting

By using our Cloud Hosted service, you allow Textbook Tracker to manage all of your data, monthly updates, backups and maintenance. Not only does this reduce the amount of expensive hardware and software your school will need to maintain servers, but it frees your time to focus on what you do best.

• No overhead costs
• No maintenance costs
• Free daily data backups
• Automatic updates and upgrades
• Hassle-free

Self Hosting

For Textbook Tracker users that already have established servers and dedicated IT professionals, Self Hosting is an option to give you complete control over your data. All backups, updates, and maintenance are handled by you or your IT staff.

• Maintenance + updates done in-house
• Control your backups
• Manage daily maintenance
• Run on hardware of your choice

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