Stop Stressing About Asset ROI

With a name like "Textbook Tracker", you know we've been in asset management a long time! And, just like your learning resources, we've been evolving beyond the classic school book. Textbook Tracker Asset Management is a modern, web-based asset management solution that is IMS OneRoster® compatible, WCAG-2 compliant, and accessible on any device without the need for apps which can manage every learning asset or 1:1 device you have... and will have!

Maximize the ROI of Your Assets

Asset Tracking

By managing the who, what, and where of your assets, Textbook Tracker allows you to breeze through any audits with real-time up-to-date reporting.

Key Features:

  • Track the full distribution of assets to students, staff, departments, and other locations for accountability. Easily collect assets at semester or year-end and charge fees for losses or damage.
  • Quickly move or reallocate assets around the locations in your district to ensure students have the resources they need to succeed.

Asset Management

With sophisticated reporting, easily manage your inventory stock, asset conditions and more allowing you to make smarter purchasing decisions, making your budget go further by not overspending.

Key Features:

  • Complete periodic physical inventories of assets at all locations to ensure data accuracy and record losses. Capture complete audit trail of all transactions and usage activity for each asset.
  • Allow districts and schools to view a variety of reports on value, usage, and inventory.

Asset Measurement

Alexandria Engagement+ provides you measurement of all student online reading, learning, and engagement through a Chrome web browser extension; allowing you see the ROI of your educational resources, as well as identify possible threats or misuse!

This solution is also your students' ticket to everything EdTech; One click in the browser provides a fully customizable launcher to all school-provisioned applications providing a unique single-sign-on experience that engages students and drives resource usage.

24/7/365 Live Support

Any person in your organization. Any hour of the day. Any topic.

Simple Set-up & Maintenance

IT Staff or not, it's a breeze to set up, manage, and maintain a Centralized or Distributed Inventory!

Web-Based Cloud-Hosted

For any browser on any device, without the need for apps.

Reports When You Decide

Reports when you want them, not when it's convenient for your system.
Seamless integration with

The World's most intuitive, customizable and powerful library management solution.

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