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Photocomposed Barcode Labels

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COMPanion’s long-lasting photocomposed labels should be used on permanent items. They are created by using a photographic process that makes the barcode image an integral part of the label. They have high-quality lamination and adhesives to make them durable and easy to attach.


To ensure that you order the right barcode labels in the correct configuration, we recommend that you speak with a sales representative by phone (800) 347-6439 or email sales@textbooktracker.com


Labels must be ordered in increments of 1,000 in any specified number range and should have a starting number of 1000 or higher. Photocomposed labels have a minimum order requirement of 2,000. All labels are printed in Code 39 symbology (9 or 14 digit labels) and require 4 to 6 weeks for printing.