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V0574 - Textbook Tracker Video Tour (8:06)

Take a brief tour of the textbook-management software, Textbook Tracker.


V0112 - From TT v3 to v4

Follow along for the entire upgrade process when upgrading from Textbook Tracker version 3 to version 4 on the Macintosh (2:09) and Windows (3:57) platforms.


V0201 - Circulation Groups (2:33)

Circulation Groups are useful for generating statistics and reports for groups of patrons. Learn how to set up a group and use it in circulation.


V0202 - Feature Overview: Circulation (9:20)

This video highlights various circulation features of TT, including declaring items lost, damage codes, conditions, Textbook Web, Courses, and Inventory Helper.


V0203 - Feature Overview: Patrons & Items (17:22)

This video highlights various Patrons & Items features of TT, including searching, Add Title Assistant, and sharing copies [CHX command].


V0204 - Feature Overview: Preferences (16:02)

Learn the kinds of preferences [System vs. User vs. Machine], the layout of the Preferences window, and important preferences such as Policies, Security Levels, Operators, Calendars, Rules, and Site Information.


V0205 - Feature Overview: Reports & Utilities (14:41)

Reports and Utilities are an important part of Textbook Tracker. Learn how to edit existing reports/utilities and create new reports/utilities. The video also goes over key reports, key utilities, archives, and rebuilds.

NOTE: For Textbook Tracker v.3 Technical Notes, click here.

Textbook Tracker shares many features with Alexandria. See the Alexandria Documents & Videos and the Alexandria Wiki.

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