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Barcode Scanners & Labels

We offer the finest barcode readers, labels, backup solutions, power supplies and more — all designed to work seamlessly with our software products. We also offer photocomposed and laser printed labels.

Barcode / Circulation Readers

Linear Imager

Our linear imager is a high performance bar code scanner, using the latest technology to set a new standard for hand held scanners. It combines a bright, sharp aiming line with high resolution imaging for exceptional reading performance.

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CCD Wedge Scanner

Designed to work with Textbook Tracker, special LED technology enables the CCD Wedge scanner to read barcodes without touching the label.

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Laser Scanner

The Laser Scanner with stand is a high-performance and pre-configured for Textbook Tracker users. Barcodes scanned by the Laser Scanner read quickly and accurately into the Textbook Tracker system.

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Portable Readers

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Wireless Linear Imaging Scanner

Designed to work with Textbook Tracker, the COMPanion Wireless Linear Imaging Scanner is a high performance barcode reader that can be used for both inventory and circulation.

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slip printer for textbook management
Slip Printer

Keep students/patrons informed of their checkout due dates, fines, holds/reservations, and other transactions with Textbook Tracker’s Slip Printer (receipt/transaction printer).

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Photocomposed Bar Code Labels

These high-quality, long-lasting labels are made using a photographic process that makes the barcode image an integral part of the label. They come with high-quality lamination and adhesives to increase durability.

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Laser Printed Bar Code Labels

These standard labels are made using a printing process that places the ink on top of the label. Please note: We recommend label protectors as well.

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